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Your Fix: Spring Wardrobe Essentials

Spring officially kicks off on March 20, but it’s never too early–or too late–to think of your spring wardrobe. Some fashion essentials will see you through every season; other items are best worn only at certain times of year. As you organize your closet, you’ll also have to decide what to keep from last year. Does everything still fit? Does anything need mending or replacing? And of course you have to ask yourself: Will you actually wear it all?

Before you toss any clothing or head to the store, consider the types of outfits you’ll need for various situations. Do you have what you need for workdays and weekends alike? Will you be ready for chilly days and rainy days and warm days? Or is some shopping in order? Whether you’re content with the clothes you currently have or are ready to buy some new pieces, we have just the advice you need on what to wear this spring. Allow us to share 10 items that will never steer you wrong, 5 articles of clothing to avoid, recommended reads for more comprehensive fashion advice, the latest trends in shoes, and 15 new fashions you won’t want to miss. Your spring wardrobe never looked so good!

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