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Are You Wearing These 5 Fashion No-Nos?

Sweaters_women_400The cohost of TLC’s What Not to Wear dishes on the five biggest fashion offenders: hoodie sweatshirts, light-wash jeans, shapeless T-shirts, and more. Take thee to your closet and purge! From Freakin’ Fabulous on a Budget.

If you have more than one sweatshirt and one hoodie in your closet, get rid of them! Start replacing them with casual completer pieces, like a cotton-canvas, leather, or denim jacket. Cardigans, too!

So long, light-wash jeans. Polished, dark-wash denim free of distressing, rips, or tears will always look more expensive.

Throw out every shapeless, unisex T-shirt you own. Opt for a blouse with seams, darts, and details. I think the word blouse scares some women; it makes them think of an elderly relative. But a blouse is just a shirt that is cut for a woman! It doesn’t have to be silk, charmeuse, or any fancy fabric. It just has to have a little bit of feminine detail to it.

Backpacks—they’re good for lugging around heavy textbooks. If you’re worried about your back and shoulders, lighten the load in your bag and opt for a tote or a crossbody bag. A couple of shoulder presses now and again wouldn’t hurt either.

Cross-trainers—this is probably the most pervasive mistake happening in America right now. I don’t know where the hell people got the idea that it was okay to wear cross-trainers at all times. I blame Jerry Seinfeld. The shoe always, always, always sets the tone for an outfit. And cross-trainers say that you are a tourist. A tourist in your own land!

Speaking of tourists, there are few things that make me cringe more than sitting at a sidewalk café in Paris, sipping a café au lait, and spotting a gaggle of Americans, all pointing at the Eiffel Tower and all wearing white cross-trainers. Aaaargh! My skin crawls just thinking about it!

They’re fine for the gym (or when you’re eighty-three), but for everyday life, there are better options!


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