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How to Help your Skin Recover from Summer

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Summer is the shortest season, yet we still manage to do the most damage to our skin in those few months. The soft, flawless skin we uncovered in May is leathery and worn-in by August. If our skin is the first thing we see, why are we destroying it? The three major summertime activities that wreak havoc on your skin are also the most fun: sun, pool, and beach. And most of us probably love to do all three at once! We have rounded up the best products to help your beautiful skin recover this fall.

It is important for the sun-worshipers to know that the sun is serious and can severely damage your skin year-round. You shouldn’t skip the sunscreen in June or January. If you’ve already eviscerated your epidermis and are left with patchy, scaly maybe even spotted or blemished skin you can try regular exfoliation to resurface your skin, followed by intense moisture. We’ve found few amazing scrubs and damage-repairing treatments.


Clockwise from left: Diptyque Multi-Use Exfoliating Clay, $65. (Yes, Diptyque! Can you believe they make beauty now? And side note: The beauty products smell just as delicious as the candles.) Juice Beauty exfoliating cleanser ($22) is all-natural so you won’t be adding any chemicals to your skin. Old faithful St. Ives Apricot Scrub ($5) is available for different target treatments, not just blemishes (and it’s so inexpensive you don’t feel bad using it all over by the handful). Kiehl’s Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion ($41) feels like a professional treatment.

Follow exfoliating step with nourishing moisturizers that brighten and obscure sun damage: Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Cream ($62), which also comes in an SPF 30 sunscreen version. Kale + Spinach Green Tea Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer ($48) contains hyaluronic acid, which reduces fine lines and plumps skin. Skin Laundry Night Renewal Cream ($40): This product has retinol, which is sort of like a time machine.

Chlorine is a corrosive chemical, so imagine what it is doing to your body. OK, it probably isn’t doing anything that serious unless you spend 24 hours a day soaking in a heavily chlorinated pool—but Michael Phelps has tested that out and he seems fine. If your skin is feeling tight and dry after you’ve rinsed the chlorine off thoroughly, you might want to try some deep-penetrating moisturizers to help nourish chlorine-ravaged skin.


Clockwise from left: Badger Balm Unscented Beauty Balm is organic, natural, and made in the USA ($15). Earth Tu Face Skin Stick ($34) balm comes in a nifty stick that you can apply throughout the day on face, lips, and any other dry patches on your skin. (Plus it smells divine.) Cult favorite Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream ($40) has a balm consistency and is definitely moisture-packed (also comes in a two-pack at Costco!). Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm ($28) is rich and will sink in to replenish your skin.

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Saltwater really isn’t dangerous—it just dries you out. Sea water can often leave a murky film on your skin and turn your hair into a straw mop. The best remedy is oil; you’ve already exfoliated with an entire shoreline of sand so moisturizing is key. Start by rinsing the saltwater from your skin with a moisture-packed cleanser, then slather your skin (and face and body) with a nourishing oil.

Try this routine before bed to give your skin all night to soak up the oil. After a few days you’ll notice a big difference. You can easily continue this routine into the winter months, when the harsh elements can dry your skin out, too.


Rodin Luxury Facial Oil ($170) truly nourishes your skin. Rodin oils, from head to toe, are marvelous. Every fancy-shmancy insider you can imagine is probably swimming in pricey (but so-worth-it) Rodin oils. Acure Organics Rosehip Oil ($11) is natural and inexpensive (the entire Acure collection is pretty great). Brooklyn Herborium’s Nurture and Replenish Oil ($33) does what the name says; this facial oil is amazing, especially when paired with one of their mineral mists.

Keep your delicate skin clean and soft after the pool or beach and definitely limit sun exposure. Don’t forget to get lots of rest and eat clean, nutritious foods, too.


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