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Go Ahead, Keep Wearing Your Favorite Summer Pieces This Fall

Free People Bombora DressFall is in full swing, but that doesn’t mean you have to do the major closet swap just yet. The retail industry is always pushing the seasons—shelves are stocked with sweaters in August and heavy outerwear before the first frost. But for some of us, the transitional months are stressful. The thought of another long, cold winter is too much to handle, and autumn temperatures are tricky—one day it’s 50 degrees, the next, 80. Who knows what to wear?

Most of us need to ease into a new season. Our feet aren’t ready for boots—even though we’re coveting a brand new pair of Rachel Comey booties. And our skin just can’t be covered up yet—even though we’ve got our eye on several supple cashmere sweaters. Luckily, mild October temperatures can help us strike a balance. Just try to stay with a neutral/subtle palate. No neon in October!

Here are a few tips on how you can easily transition your favorite summer pieces into fall without freezing your bum off or overheating.

Provided temperatures stay above-freezing, you can still wear sandals well into October. Just not flip-flops. A fabulous pair of leather cross-over or strappy sandals that cover most of your foot will work. AND if you don’t already own a pair—they’re all on clearance right now! You can probably snag a fabulous pair for under $100 and save them for next spring. (Just don’t pick an outrageously trendy pair.) If you can’t seem to get over the ugly-pretty shoe trend, we found a pair of shearing-lined Birkenstocks ($149) perfect for fall!

Linen is not just for the tropics…I’m making a case for linen all year. No, I’m not referring to the Miami-style, Ricky Martin wrinkled white linen pants that you would wear on a deserted beach somewhere (although, sitting on a deserted beach right now, swinging in a hammock sounds dreamy). I’m talking about beautiful linens or linen blends that can easily be worn as layering pieces well into the fall, and even winter.

Linen should be a wardrobe staple for everyone in every season. Linen garments cannot only keep you cool in the summer months but as layering pieces, linen is a breathable fabric and doesn’t overheat, so it’s perfect for fall.

Plenty of national retailers have affordable linen pieces like Uniqlo or J.Crew. But you’ll be hard-pressed to find beautiful linen pieces in October unless you can snag a final sale item. Retailers that specialize in linens are a great resource because the styles are available all year. Sure, the price tag might be slightly higher, but you’ll also be happy know that most smaller companies manufacture in the USA and not in some factory in Bangladesh or China with questionable safety standards.

South Street Linen has a fabulous collection of scarves, coats, tunics, dresses… you name it. They’re a female-owned and operated small company from Maine. South Street Linen is committed to sustainability by practicing slow-fashion: They take time and consideration for each product, rather than mass produce. Plus, it’s our responsibility as women to support other women! We should all do our part to help women in business thrive.

Are you also mourning the loss of your favorite gauzy summer dress? The hippy yet chic flowy one that you snagged for a song at H&M? And should have worn a few more times while the temperature was sweltering? Well, you don’t have to store it away for next summer or a mid-winter tropical vacation! Two things will make that dress fall-ready: Sweaters + Leggings.

Michael Kors has an amazing Alpaca wool oversized cardigan ($1,275) in a perfect putty-color that works over a flowy summer dress with a pair of J.Crew ribbed leggings ($27) and Isabel Marant Dicker booties ($625). You can also throw this cardigan over a gorgeous linen Jane Dress from South Street Linen ($149).

I am putting the cardigan in my virtual cart as you read this! (Now, if I could only find a way to justify spending $1,275 for a sweater dress.)

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 9.41.00 PM

By September, honestly…we’re all ready to see this summertime staple stored until June, but there is something fun about denim shorts paired with ribbed leggings and flannel or a chunky wool sweater. (But just give this outfit two wears before cleaning and storing the cut-offs.) These Rag and Bone cut-offs ($165) are still available if you want to rock this look now.

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 10.02.11 PM

The floor-grazing maxi probably won’t work in the colder months. Inclement weather is a no-no for maxi length, and when you’re wearing multiple layers and a puffer coat, the last thing you need is a long maxi skirt dragging behind you, through the slush.

But for fall, a simple black maxi skirt is perfect with Rachel Comey Mars booties. Or you can throw on strappy sandals from Steve Madden (on sale at ASOS for $75) and a basic Uniqlo cashmere sweater ($80) with a cashmere scarf (H&M $54).

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