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5 Essential Holiday Makeup Tricks

Lipsticks_400Lindsay Roth is no stranger to the high-stakes world of cosmetics—she used to work in the biz, and her debut novel, What Pretty Girls Are Made Of (now available as a Pocket Star ebook) is set in a fictional makeup studio to rival the most popular brands around. She was our first call when we wanted advice on stepping up our makeup game for the holidays! From dry winter skin to looking festive-not-floozy at the office Christmas party, Lindsay will help you handle anything the season throws at you—beautifully.

1. Red Lips. You know you want to try that red lipstick. There’s no better time to experiment than around the holidays, where you won’t look out of place for your pretty pucker. Pick a red that flatters you (warm or cool undertone really does matter) and make sure to use a lip liner as red can bleed. And once you’re wearing it, own it! Don’t go telling everyone that you’re experimenting. Just rock it proudly!

2. Sparkle! Tone up your eyes with this simple tip: Use a sparkly white, beige or pink shadow in the inside corner of your eyes. Even if you don’t wear a lot of makeup (or eye makeup), just put a dab in this naturally darker spot and it will absolutely help your eyes twinkle. You don’t only have to do this at night—you can add this quick step to your morning routine and look fresh and wide-eyed first thing in the morning.

3. Focus on the photographs. It’s the time of year when everyone has their cameras out—hopefully not capturing moments at your work holiday party that you want to keep under wraps! So focus on smooth skin that will look dewy in what lasts a lot longer than the party does: the pics. Start with a face primer (I’m partial to Laura Mercier Radiance Primer) to help lock in your moisturizer. It will also help your makeup last from day to night. And give yourself just a bit of extra coverage with foundation or powder to even out your skin. When your face is flawless, you feel flawless!

4. Remove it properly. Take the time to remove your makeup (especially on your eyes) properly before heading to bed. Waking up with crusty eyes is no fun, and dealing with clogged pores isn’t either. I like a facial makeup wipe for my eyes (rub gently!) and then take a good cleanser to my face. And a good cleanser doesn’t mean an expensive one, by the way. If you’re going to invest in skin care, spend your money on creams and serums. Face wash is on your skin for such a short amount of time, budget where you’ll see the most results.

5. Exfoliate your lips. Sounds silly, right? It’s not. Dry, cracked lips are the worst in the cold weather, so add brushing your lips gently to your morning routine. Not only will the dead skin melt away, but you’ll have a much more kissable surface for gloss, lipstick and mistletoe kisses!

6. What does your makeup say about you? Take this fun quiz to find out!


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