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3 Rituals for a Modern-Day Queen

beauty bathIt’s important for a modern-day Queen (that’s you!) to live a balanced and satisfying life. Taking care of your space, skin, and mind are just a few ways to put your best foot forward. Mikki Taylor, author of EDITOR IN CHIC, shares rituals that will affirm the Queen inside of you.


Every Queen should incorporate those practices that nurture her beauty and well-being. Restorative practices are essential for the busy life you lead as they polish and replenish you while giving you some essential time for self. More than pampering functions, they also open up a pathway to hear within, draw close to your desires, and envision bringing them to life. Don’t miss the opportunity to nurture your body, mind, and spirit by failing to commit to the rituals that affirm you. Getting started is so simple—all you need is a few ideas (which you’ll add to of course!) and the determination to carry them out. Trust me, they matter. Here are some ways to make the connection:

Starry Nights

Experts say we spend one-third of our lives sleeping. Therefore your bedroom should be a complete sanctuary where you decompress, dream, love, and rejuvenate the Queen that you are. Why not:

  • Establish a signature scent to enhance your serenity?
  • Incorporate dimmers or antique lamps with sensuous lighting?
  • Add a chaise lounge or settee?
  • Make your bed a vessel, with the most inviting linens and luxurious pillows?

Sounds divine no?

Turn Up the Heat

At the end of a long day in heels, nothing’s sweeter than a foot soak—unless, of course, it’s a foot soak accompanied by a self-heating foot scrub. I love a little mindlessness before I tuck in, especially on those days when everyone, including my feet, has been clamoring for attention. What feels therapeutic and luxurious is closing that bathroom door with a “do not disturb” mind-set and massaging in a heated scrub like Bliss Hot Salt Scrub to warm, exfoliate, and invigorate my senses with its oils of eucalyptus and rosemary. After a good soak, I’m ready to call it day, with baby-soft feet as a bonus through this ritual that tends to my “kneads.”

Soft Serve

I’m all for a good detox plan, but also find beneficial the ritual of detoxing my skin by dry-brushing with a natural-bristle body brush weekly before showering. Starting at my feet, I swiftly brush upwards in the direction of my heart in long sweeping strokes. Dry-brushing, which removes dead skin cells, leaving your body ultrasmooth and glowing, also has the following benefits:

  • Boosts circulation
  • Boosts lymphatic drainage and excretion of wastes
  • Invigorating/energizing

So do your body and your internal beauty a favor by picking up a long-handle body brush and making this easy detox a part of a morning ritual.

P.S. These are only a few of the rituals Mikki Taylor shares! Be sure to grab a copy of EDITOR IN CHIC for more…

We all need some more “me time.” Our editors share these helpful tips.

Excerpted from Editor in Chic by Mikki Taylor. Copyright © 2018 by Mikki Taylor. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.


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