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The Guide to De-Puffing

job balanceWe’ve all been there. Whether you’ve had a crazy night out, stayed up all night to binge-watch the latest show in your Netflix queue, or tossed and turned all night long, puffy eyes are not forgiving. Jennifer Byrne, author of THE LAZY GIRL’S GUIDE TO LIFE shares simple and fast hacks that will reduce some of the swelling. 

Maybe you’ve been out all night painting the town red, or maybe you’ve been in all night repainting the walls burnt umber (hello, that house isn’t going to remodel itself!). Perhaps you and your amazing new soul mate couldn’t bear to fall asleep for even a second (you’d miss each other!). Maybe you’re a wild bohemian who lives a restless lifestyle. Or maybe, and perhaps most likely, you stayed up all night binge-watching new releases on Netflix and totally forgot that you have to adult today.

Whatever the reason (it’s totally Netflix, right?), it’s been a few days since you’ve slept, and your eyes are giving you away. They’re bloodshot, puffy, and about half their usual size and radiance. If they are, in fact, a window to your soul, your soul is looking a little fried. Time for a hack worthy of a lazy girl!

Lazy Girl Hack: De-Puff
The first thing your eyes need is for you to deflate the puffy, parade- float lids that are stealing the show from your actual eye- balls. And part of the way to do this is cold and caffeine. And, no, I’m not talking about an iced mochaccino, although, what the hell, go ahead and have one of those too. Look for an eyelid gel or serum that contains caffeine and peptides, which act to boost collagen while reducing puff. To really maximize that effect, pop these products in the fridge first. You’ll find the coolness soothing, and it will also reduce the swelling.

Lazy Girl Hack: Create an Illusion
Makeup is the single most important tool at your disposal for faking big, bright eyes after serious sleep loss. Fortunately, according to YouTube makeup guru Michelle Phan, there are specific colors and applications that can brighten and open up tired, droopy eyes. Phan suggests starting by lining your lower lids with white eyeliner. Next, apply a light-colored eye shadow to your upper lids, and use a silver eye shadow on your upper brow line and near your tear ducts (if you’ve been crying, wait until you’re finished first). If you need to pencil or shade in your eyebrows, do that. Lastly, curl your eyelashes with one of those little torture-device- looking things, and then apply mascara, holding a business card behind your upper lashes while applying, so you can get each lash. Hopefully, if you manage to create the illusion of alert normalcy, this won’t be the last time you use your business cards today!

Make sure you’re not dozing off at your desk. Step up your brew game. 



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