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Your Fix: Fall Food Plan

five fitness trends for 2016, top fitness trends, fitbit, wearable technology, strength trainingThe holiday season is rapidly approaching and that means you can guarantee a lot of food in your future. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and even Halloween all require tons of carbs and sweets! Start off your fall food plan right by entering the upcoming months full of celebrations in a healthy way. Fitness and dieting are two keys that will help you stay in shape and remain healthy.

There are so many easy ways that can get you into healthy habits before the countless festive parties you’ll be attending soon. One simple step you can take is by eating until you’re two-thirds full, a concept brought to you by Dr. Nandi. This may seem difficult when there’s so much delicious recipes in front of you, but it’s one of the quickest ways to start your diet off right.

Another way you can change up your food plan is by reducing extra calories you don’t need by taking away things like soda from your daily diet log. Getting into these habits right before the holidays will help you resist temptation during family parties, while also enjoying yourself.

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