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Your Fix: How to Eat Healthier Every Day

Dinner at homeLeaning on pizza, pasta, and fast food is a natural instinct when time is in short supply, and it usually is, especially with young children at home. But to ensure your longterm health and that of your family, you’re probably always looking for ways that you can all eat healthier every day while still keeping to the schedule and budget. While there is no magic solution, there is a wealth of information out there about how to make minor adjustments to your diet that can add up to better overall nutrition.

Ready to learn how to eat healthier with the help of practical, realistic advice from experts in their field? Check out the tips below, starting with ideas for adding more nutrition into meals you’re already planning, which is perfect for back-to-school season. If you’re working to curb overeating or splurging on junk food too frequently, you can also find tools for changing your eating habits through mindfulness, then learn why it pays to think of your diet like a bank account. For more in-depth guides to transforming your relationship with food, you can choose from 10 books that’ll educate and inspire. Finally, everyone will want to discover the 10 foods worth eating every day (hint: leafy greens are a must!), plus read up on the essential ingredients of a balanced diet for both men and women.

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