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Your Fix: But First…Coffee

As a coffee drinker myself, I might be slightly biased on this topic. However, I do recognize there are pros and cons to the majority of substances that we put in our body. Coffee is something that I desperately need to get through the first day. Should I cut down? Absolutely. So, I decided to do some research on the topic…

Let’s start with the negatives. First, coffee can DEFINITELY increase your levels of anxiety. I’m an anxious person already and I 1000% notice if I’m having a bad day that coffee can make my nerves even worst. Second, coffee can make you more prone to ulcers due to the acidity of the drink. It ALSO can increase your risk of heartburn. Just reading those facts alone made me want to limit my 5 coffees a day down to maybe 2 (probably 3, but I’m only human).

Now, let’s break down the positives. Obviously, a big pro is that coffee can wake you up and give you more energy. Sometimes I even down a cup of coffee before going to the gym if I need the motivation I’m not saying this is something you SHOULD do, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to get that workout in after a long day of work. Another, pro is that coffee is SCIENTIFICALLY linked to giving you a lower chance of depression. That sounds pretty positive to me.

So with all of those quick facts about coffee it’s up to you regarding whether or not you feel like you should take up caffeine or cut down. For more insight on the health pros and cons of coffee check out these articles:


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