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Why You Need to Cut Booze from Your Diet… Temporarily

Champagne_400Those calories lurking in your sangria glass add up. Whether you want to lose weight or just want to cut down on the sauce, try these tips from The FastBeach Diet.

• Only fill your glass halfway.

• Make every second drink water.

• Keep the opened wine bottle in the fridge or cupboard, not on the table, where it’s easier to reach for a refill.

• Swap white wine for spritzers.

• Keep adding ice cubes.

• Choose small glasses (a “glass of wine” used to be one unit; now—thanks to more generous glass sizes—it’s two). And do be aware of visual illusions: research shows that people pour 28% more into short, wide glasses than tall ones.

• Watch your mixers. Soda water, lemon, and lime juice are the best bet; orange juice will double the calorie count of a vodka shot.

• Choose at least one night a week when you give alcohol a pass.

Alcohol has around seven calories per gram, nearly twice that of protein or carbs, and is almost as calorific as fat. Brands and serving sizes will differ, but the following list gives a rough idea of the average calories in your drink.

Drink Serving size Calories
Bitter 1 pint 180
Lager 1 pint 150–240
Champagne 1 glass (4 oz.) 90
White wine 1 glass (4 oz.) 85
Red wine 1 glass (4 oz.) 80
Shot of gin 1 ounce 55
Shot of vodka 1 ounce 55
Whisky 1 ounce 55
Rum & Diet Coke 9 oz. 55
Glass of Baileys 1.3 oz. 120
Red Bull 8 oz. 110
Orange juice 8 oz. 115
Lemon juice 1 tablespoon 4
Lime juice 1 tablespoon 4


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