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How Parents Can Create Healthy Habits at Home

Kids eating healthy snacks for school lunchBy Kristin Sidorov
The Federal Trade Commission has released its long-awaited guidelines for marketing food to children, but its reception has been less than welcoming. Parents and policy-makers alike are worried about the power of sugary persuasion and what effect it could have on our children. So why not start building your family’s food guidelines at home?

With the right motivation and and easy, kid-friendly recipes, you’ll find that defining your own food standards is easier–and more delicious–than you thought.

Try these helpful, healthy tips for developing nutritious habits with your kids:
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And to make healthy eating fun, here are some easy, fun, kid-friendly recipes:

Healthy Mac and Cheese (Zestful Lou)

Green-and-Bean Quesadilla (ChopChop)

Purple Soup (Chez Us)

Healthy, Homemade Sloppy Joes (MommieCooks)

Yummy Broccoli Cake (HuffPost Living)

Rainbow Rolls (Itsy Bitsy Foodies)

Flatbread Tacos (The Allergic Kid)

Healthy Baked Chicken Nuggets (Skinny Taste)

Banana PB&J Breakfast Pizza (Oh She Glows)

Waffle Sandwich (A Little Yumminess)

Pretzel Baked Chicken (MommieCooks)


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