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This IS Why We’re Fat

Grains_400To be blunt, here’s what’s causing that muffin top. From Cavewomen Don’t Get Fat: The Paleo Chic Diet for Rapid Results.

We humans have been ingesting cultivated grains for only about ten thousand years, which is just a tiny blip on the human timeline. (We managed to get by as hunter-gatherers for two hundred thousand years before then.) Our appetites for cultivated grains grew as we discovered and adopted better farming practices, not an entirely good thing.

And here is why: our brains and bodies are designed to function best when they’re fueled largely by proteins and fats. Yes, yes, we need the nutrients provided by carbohydrates for optimal health, but it’s all a question of balance, and as we moved into an agricultural way of life, we began to tip the dietary balance in favor of carbs over proteins and fats. Ten thousand years later, we find ourselves eating a diet that is deleteriously dense in carbs. Couple this change in the way we eat with the fact that we no longer chase after our food. What’s happened is the double whammy of becoming way more sedentary than our ancestors and eating fat-creating foods rather than speed-and muscle-building foods.

What’s a Paleo Chic girl to do?

Giving up grains is the only way.

How can this possibly be when we’re bombarded with messages such as “Eat a bowl of this high-fiber, high-energy cereal every morning, and you will slim down!” This approach—telling people to eat more carbs—drives me nuts. Eating grains triggers your brain to want more empty carbs, and that creates a vicious cycle of overeating the wrong nutrient sources. And this, ladies, is precisely what makes and keeps us fat.

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