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The Only Natural, Gluten-Free Grains You Need to Eat

Grains_GlutenFree_400editFar fewer people are sensitive to gluten than the current buzz would have us believe. But here’s why I prefer protein-rich “ancient grains” such as quinoa, bulgur, and buckwheat. From The Hormone Secret: Discover Effortless Weight Loss and Renewed Energy in Just 30 Days.

The truth is that our bodies have zero requirements for simple carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, and rice. Everything we need to thrive can be found in nuts, beans, legumes, fruit, vegetables, meat, and fish. These foods feed your cells. All the rest feed our satisfaction—so enjoy, but keep it within bounds. Bulgur and buckwheat are other ancient grains. These grains are different from modern grains because they’re packed with protein. We survived as a species because we were able to eat these grains, which are nutrient-dense. In contrast, modern grains that we eat today (because we prefer fluffy bread) are no longer full of nutrition. Today’s wheat does not resemble the wheat of eighty years ago.

The ancient grains haven’t been ruined, because they’ve been out of fashion. Quinoa is exactly the same as it was two hundred years ago. Ancient grains not only feed your cells; their flavor can be satisfying, and they make you feel full. If you eat white bread, you’re hungry an hour later. It spikes your insulin, and then you crash.


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