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The Easiest Weight Loss Tip Ever (and It’s Free!)

GreenTea_400Throughout your day, drink hot liquids such as tea or warm water (flavor it with fresh lemon, mint, thyme, or ginger, if you like). Not only will it curb hunger and help reduce snacking, it will improve digestion. Avoid cold drinks and carbonated ones, especially at meals. From The Hot Belly Diet.

It takes five more minutes to digest any food you consume with a drink that’s one degree below your body temperature (and for every degree below that, add five more minutes!). By sipping just hot water throughout the day, you help cleanse the digestive tract of blockages and impurities. Drinking hot water improves digestion and absorption of food, helping prevent the body from becoming clogged. It also mightily reduces cravings between meals. I have known people who lost over fifty pounds in a year by following only this single strategy!

Four of the main reasons why warm beverages trump cold ones is that, for one, they have a natural, mild vasodilatory effect (dilating the blood vessels and decreasing blood pressure), which has the upshot of increasing circulation to the gastrointestinal tract to in turn increase digestion efficiency while calming your nervous system. Secondly, hot liquids decrease mucous accumulation in your sinuses, throat, and gastrointestinal tract, thus decreasing the chances that invaders like viruses, bacteria, or fungi will grow or infect your body (hence part of the scientific reasoning behind chicken soup’s profound healing properties). Thirdly, the temperature in our stomach is generally high, so it follows, then, that when we drink warm liquids during a meal, they help keep food in a semiliquid form, breaking it down more easily and helping to release it into the small intestine. And finally, warm water has been shown to increase body temperature and, as such, to slightly increase the metabolic rate. Although this minor metabolic boost might not be enough to actually cause weight loss, it likely can help the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys function better, a key to weight loss and overall health. I should also mention that warm liquids are just plain more enjoyable, at least to your brain. We have scientific proof now that when you drink hot water in particular, receptors in your mouth, throat, stomach, and intestines stimulate the pleasure center in the brain.


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