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Surprisingly Evil Food Combinations You Should Avoid

Milk-Glass_400Eggs with meat, yogurt with hot drinks, fresh fruits with anything—when eaten together, certain foods can create unwanted by-products in the gut, leading to digestion issues and inflammation. For better health, you may want to avoid the following incompatible foods. From The Hot Belly Diet.

You wouldn’t think to make a breakfast drink that’s equal parts milk and OJ, but if we drink these two beverages separately at the same meal (a common American habit), they can curdle in our stomachs and make digestion difficult. Ayurveda identifies a few food combinations that you would do well to avoid. Some of these will surprise you if you’ve gotten used to eating these combinations, many of which relate to dairy products. If you’ve eaten these combinations without any problems whatsoever in the past, it’s possible that your body has gotten used to them and you cannot sense any symptoms such as indigestion or cramping. But that doesn’t mean you’re home free. These combinations could be quietly affecting you just by disrupting optimal absorption of nutrients, encouraging intestinal sludge, and triggering silent inflammatory pathways. You could benefit mightily from avoiding them in the future.

Here they are:
➣ Milk in combination with meat, fish, eggs, bananas, yogurt, or sour fruits
➣ Yogurt with milk, eggs, hot drinks, cheese, fish, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, or lemons
➣ Eggs with milk, meat, fish, yogurt, cheese, fruit, or beans
➣ Fresh fruits with any other foods, since many create sour juices or “wines” in the stomach. Cooked fruits are easier to digest with other foods. Avoid fresh, whole fruit as a dessert after meals, as the energy of fruits should not be exposed to hot, digestive acids.


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