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Step Up Your Brew Game

There’s no better feeling than holding a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee first thing in the morning. Coffee is said to have many health benefits but those are eliminated with the addition of many creamers and sugary extras. Mehmet Oz, author of FOOD CAN FIX IT, shares easy tips to help you step up your brew game.

Got a love affair going with coffee? So many of us do. I’m not trying to get between you and your best caffeinated friend. If you like it, drink it in moderation and don’t gunk it up with a lot of sugary extras. The big thing is just to get out of the habit of thinking that you need a cup with you at all times. It’s more likely you’re just in the habit of sipping something while you’re working, driving, or watching the kids, and you automatically assume it has to be coffee. Try alternating drinks—a cup of coffee, then fruit-infused ice water—and see if that doesn’t support your energy levels without going cold turkey on your favorite warm drink. Or try some other options as well:

Use hemp milk or almond milk: They’re both flavorful and are better alternatives than junking up your coffee with syrups and such. Add a dash of cinnamon for flavor without sugar.

Make bulletproof coffee: Instead of cream and sugar, add a dollop of butter and coconut oil. The short-chain fatty acids slow the absorption of caffeine, which will help stretch the energy you feel over a longer time period. And the addition of fat will also help you curb hunger. Lisa blends ours for a few seconds for better emulsion; otherwise, the coconut oil oats on top.

Try hot water and lemon: This has been trendy in the last few years, and I’m a fan because the citrus helps get the gastric juices owing. It gives you something to sip on (your coffee addiction may be more of a behavioral habit than a need for caffeine) and has a nice, quiet taste.

Nothing goes better with your morning cup than a slice of old-fashioned coffee cake.


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