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Change Your Life in 25 Days

summertime sports runningWe can be very hard on our bodies. We don’t like how our pants fit. We wish we were more toned. We feel guilty indulging in our favorite snack. Instead of focusing on only our physical appearance during diets, we need to look at our lifestyle and how we can be truly happy. Drew Logan, author of 25DAYS, shares how to evaluate yourself and build a better and more confident you. 

It doesn’t take a lot of deep soul diving to come up with what you want to change aesthetically. I’ll be honest: even the people step out of the shower, look at themselves, and say, “I’d like to change that!” That’s why I stressed at the start of this chapter to put aside your weight and do a true evaluation of yourself before beginning the program. I want you to begin identifying those things outside of your gut and butt that need equal attention.

The reasons I do this with clients are threefold. One, I want you to recognize that there are other things happening in your life that are just as important—if not more important— than merely looking better in the mirror or fitting into a certain dress size. Things that you’re probably ignoring or writing off as something else—things you will begin to notice drastically improve each time you try 25Days.

Two, getting you to write down these things also provides multiple forms of motivation. Each one is its own separate motivator. So when you find yourself needing to dig deep during 25Days, suddenly you have five other reasons to stick with the program, instead of just staying the course to improve what you see on the outside.

Finally, even if you didn’t reach your target weight the first time through—and I promise that you will eventually—I guarantee you’ll notice at least one or two of those five dislikes about yourself start to either improve or disappear. Creating this short list will give you more reasons to celebrate at the end of 25Days—and the motivation to jump right back in and take on the next 25Days.

As you start your 25Days journey, these small diet changes make a big impact.


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