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Maintain Weight Loss with These Essential Steps

Man_Overweight_BigBelly_400Studies show that more than 90 percent of people who lose body fat by dieting will put it back on again after five years. Defy the odds and stay slim and healthy with these tips from Belly Fat Breakthrough.

Not much was known about keeping fat off until the National Weight Control Registry (NWCR) was established in the United States in 1994. The NWCR is a database of over five thousand people who have each lost a minimum of 30 pounds of weight and kept it off for at least twelve months. Average weight loss in the NWCR is 66 pounds, and the average period of weight loss is greater than five years. This group of people volunteered to be monitored to help show what really is important for long-term weight control.

The NWCR study discovered that people who were successful in keeping body fat off shared seven healthy habits:

• They had a healthy eating plan
• They exercised regularly.
• They ate breakfast every day.
• They stayed clear of fast food.
• They reduced their energy intake by eating a low-saturated-fat diet.
• They followed a consistent eating plan.
• They reduced their TV watching hours.

As we can see, people who are successful in keeping fat off eat healthily, exercise regularly, and always eat breakfast. An interesting characteristic of the NWCR volunteers was that they ate out less than once per week, on average. The unhealthy effects of most fast foods is well documented, but even in restaurants that serve healthier food, there are still concerns about salt levels and overheating and repeated use of cooking oils. As would be expected, most people in the NWCR followed a low-calorie diet that was also low in saturated fat. Reducing energy intake, however, does not mean eating less food. Staying away from calorie-rich foods allows you to enjoy more of the delicious, healthy dishes contained in a Mediterranean eating plan.

Those who followed a consistent, structured eating plan maintained more weight loss. This is because flexible, spontaneous eating plans offer more opportunities to eat highly processed, unhealthy foods. The NWCR study and a number of others have shown that those who watch a lot of TV are typically overweight. Therefore, substituting some physical activity for TV time is helpful for maintaining fat loss.


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