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Is It Dinnertime Yet?: 5 Essential Intermittent Fasting Books

As a Muslim-American, I’ve got Ramadan on the brain…it is here and every year it seems to sneak up on me. Fun Fact: My name (Saimah) actually means “the girl who fasts”.

For anybody unfamiliar with Ramadan, it is a holy month for Muslims during which it was believed the first verses of the Quran (the Islamic holy book) were revealed to Prophet Muhammed (SWH). Throughout the month, Muslims around the world will be fasting from dawn to sunset. In addition to abstaining from eating and drinking—water isn’t allowed either—it is meant for a time of spiritual reflection. Although we don’t eat throughout the day, the evenings can be quite social. Many families and communities will gather to break their fasts together and pray together. During this time of year, many Muslims will also find ways to give back to their communities and be more involved with charitable causes.

When Ramadan comes around, one of the first things I do is to scour the internet for recipes that can keep me full all day and keep my energy levels high. Intermittent fasting has become a popular diet for non-Muslims as well. According to some researchers, fasting can have many health benefits. Luckily for me, this means that there are now some books that have a ton of great recipes that can help me through Ramadan.

So, if you are like me and looking for some food to keep you full throughout Ramadan, or if you want to join your Muslim friends to see what it’s like to fast for a day, grab one of these books.


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