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How The 17 Day Diet Transitional Day Fast Works

Green-Smoothie_400The 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition is all about rapid but safe and effective weight loss. You just can’t stay motivated if the pounds melt off a slowly as ice in a wintry January. For this reason, I’ve added another rapid weight-loss tool to this edition: The Transitional Day Fast.

It works like this: At the end of each 17 Day cycle, you have the option to go on this fast. It’s basically a one-day liquid diet in which you drink filling smoothies make with fat-burning ingredients such as whey protein, fiber, matcha green tea powder, and probiotics. You can also use this tool as “damage control.” Let’s say you overdid it food-wise on the weekend or on vacation. Use the fast to transition yourself back to fast weight-loss mode.

Controlled fasting like this is good for your health. I dug into the scientific research about fasting, which has been studied at least as far back as the sixties by medical professionals and nutrition experts. Back then, it was studied mostly in lab rats wanting to drop a few sizes. Now we know it’s great for people. Here’s why:

Cardiovascular diseases like angina (chest pain) have also shown dramatic improvements with proper monitored fasting. Fasting has also helped high blood pressure patients normalize their blood pressure without the use of medications. Gastrointestinal troubles respond well to this conservative care, too.

Fasting programs have helped people with Type 2 diabetes normalize and regulate their sugar levels without medications. (Caveat: If you have this disease, talk to your doctor about your desire to fast and how you will go about it.) How can fasting affect blood sugar so positively? For one thing, fasting for a day breaks up the body’s constant exposure to food and glucose.

Other benefits to appreciate:
● Higher fat-burning through the activation of certain hormones involved in metabolism
● Sparing of lean muscle
● Lower blood pressure
● Healthier cholesterol level
● Reduced levels of chronic inflammation (which is involved in many diseases)

The Transitional Day Fast is optional. But once you’ve tried it, you’ll want to keep it in your arsenal of rapid weight-loss tools.


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