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How Not to Let Your Guy Sabotage Your Diet

Bethenny Frankel, How Not to Let Your Guy Sabotage Your Diet, skinnygirl solutionsYou want something reasonably healthy for dinner, but your new dude would rather mainline a meatball sub. We know, it’s hard staying slim while dating or in a new relationship. Here’s how to avoid packing on the pounds without being one of those girls who can’t have a good time. From Bethenny Frankel’s book, Skinnygirl Solutions.

• Do your own thing. You don’t have to make a big deal about it and you shouldn’t feel you have to make up some fake food allergy just to keep yourself from being “forced” to eat something. You and your date don’t have to eat exactly the same things. So your date wants to share a hot dog or pizza or beer at the ballpark? Have a few bites, have a few sips, and move on, or tell him (or her) you’d love a pretzel and some mustard. At a movie, share a popcorn and have a few handfuls. You don’t need to make any excuses. Don’t say you’re on a diet. That’s a mood killer, and if you’re naturally thin, you don’t diet anyway. Nobody’s paying as much attention to how much you eat as you are, so participate in your own way without gorging and all your date will notice is that you’re fun.

• Don’t be a salad bitch. That’s the girl who only orders salad and constantly bothers the waiter with special requests about dressing on the side, no cheese, no croutons, no olives. That’s called a pain in the ass. I used to be a salad bitch, especially on dates, because I didn’t want to gain weight, but then I’d go home and binge-eat because I was starving. You should be able to get what you want, but guys will go running for the hills if you’re going to be that high maintenance on a first date, and he definitely won’t think you’re good in the sack if you’re that constricted about a salad. It’s an indicator. Instead, you can be the cool girl—the girl who actually eats and enjoys it. When you enjoy your date instead of having an anxiety attack about how many fat grams are in the salad dressing, maybe you’ll actually get to enjoy the person you’re with. He’s certainly more likely to enjoy you.

• Disguise healthy food. Whether you’ve invited a new love interest over for the first “I’ll cook you dinner” date or you’re living with or married to someone, and especially if you have kids, you should be able to cook food you like to eat. You don’t have to be a short-order cook, making different meals for everybody. Solve the problem by making the foods everyone likes, but with small adjustments to reduce fat and calories and increase the nutrition. For example:

° Mix ranch dressing 1:1 with light vinaigrette.
° Make red meat less often, in favor of chicken, salmon, or roast turkey. Every date meal or Sunday dinner doesn’t have to be a steak dinner.
° Include side dishes like a big salad, fruit, veggie soup, roasted vegetables, brown rice, or whole wheat pasta. When you indulge in man-eater-style meals, just serve yourself a small portion and fill up on the side dishes.
° Remake comfort food to be healthier. Try turkey or veggie lasagna, turkey meatloaf, healthier ziti with vegetables, veggie chili, stews, stir-fries, one-pot dinners, and homemade desserts with reduced fat and sugar. (See my cookbook, Skinnygirl Dish, for hundreds of ideas.) As long as you don’t make a big deal about it, nobody will notice.


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