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Have a Happy Holiday while Pre-Dieting

Healthyfeast_400Here’s something to think about: The traditional Christmas dinner with appetizers can weigh in at more than 3,000 calories. How about this year you change that tradition? Commit to a holiday in which you manage not to gain any weight back before it’s time to resolve to lose all that weight (and so much more) yet again.

Here are my suggestions:
To prevent packing on holiday pounds, go on the offense with pre-dieting. It works like this: Use the Accelerate or Activate Cycles to start trimming off a few pounds of fat before the holidays get in full swing. You can do this easily with what you’ve already learned from the 17 Day Diet.

Be smart at the buffet table. Fill three-quarters of your plate with vegetables and fruits, the rest with protein. (Pumpkin pie and chocolate-covered strawberries don’t count as the veggies or fruit. Stacking things as high as you can is not an acceptable method for filling your plate.) Do not circle the food table like a vulture. Serve yourself, and then have a seat and enjoy yourself.

Give yourself permission to enjoy a little of everything that is usually only available during the holidays, but do it in moderation. Indulging in small amounts of holiday treats (fruitcake being the exception) might not help you lose 20 pounds over the holidays, but it might help you from raiding the Christmas tree for edible ornaments in the middle of the night.

Bank your calories. Accumulate a deposit of uneaten calories on the days when you know that you will be attending parties or enjoying holiday feasts. Eat a light breakfast and lunch to save calories for later. If you’re careful, the large withdrawal of calories at a big dinner or event later on won’t break the bank.

Be extra good on non-party days.

The holidays are not a time to take a vacation from your workouts. Do my 17 Day Spot Reduction Workout from The 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition religiously—it takes only 17 minutes a day and it’s one of the best ways to fight fat gain over the holidays.

Understand the reason for the season. Holidays are a chance to enjoy and celebrate with people you care about. Put your focus more on socializing, and less on eating.

Happy slimming holidays!


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