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Get Insider Tips for Success on The 17 Day Diet

womanOnScale_300Are you on the 17 Day Diet or thinking about giving it a try? Here are my personal answers to your questions (and concerns) about achieving your weight-loss goals on the plan.

What helpful advice can you offer to those on Cycle 1 of The 17 Day Diet who are losing slowly, or not at all? What are some things that may be working against them?
Everyone’s progress will vary. My best advice is to stay moving, increase cardio, stay hydrated and remain strict with the no-carbs-after-2PM rule. It will come off! Stay focused on the big picture, and your progress so far. Also, cardio is usually better than weights if your weight loss is slow.

What are some healthy eating tips for summer grilling season? Picnics can be a landmine for dieters. What are some good BBQ-friendly foods approved for The 17 Day Diet?
Load up on protein-based foods like lean meats, fill up on veggies, avoid the carbs, and don’t loiter around the picnic snacks. It’s OK to take in the protein; grilling is great, actually. Watch the fat content of those barbecue-friendly foods. Meats and veggies can be filling and go a long way, but beware the sauces, which are heavy in sugar–stick to other spices instead. Also be mindful of sugary drinks like sodas and juice; opt for water or soda water with lemon.

17 Day Diet is getting great reviews and has very active online communities. Why do you think this diet has spawned so many supporters?
I think it’s very relatable; so many of us can find success on this diet. I think there are a lot of similar stories and stressors/obstacles in our lives. The Internet has connected a lot of people and made us all realize that we are alike in many ways, especially in our obstacles as they apply to dieting. I think it’s beautiful.

I can’t eat eggs for breakfast. Is it OK to make a protein shake or smoothie instead? Or can I have protein powder with my probiotic and fruit and in the morning?
That’s fine, just watch the carbs from fruits or any additives. The book gives good options here: We don’t all like eggs, and I think one thing that the 17 Day Diet gives is a lot of options so you can get creative with each day’s plan.

What do I do if I get lightheaded during Cycle 1?
This is likely due to low calories and maybe you’re doing a bit too much cardio on the lower-calorie days. Have a healthy snack close by at all times, and maybe slow down the aggressiveness of the cardio the first few days until your body adjusts. Don’t forget to stay hydrated!

Can you do the 17 Day Diet if you are nursing?
I would wait–milk production and let down could affect it, so take care of that baby and consult with your lactation nurse about caloric intake. It may be OK to use Cycle 2 as a jump-off point, but if milk production is affected, I would hold off until you are done nursing.

When should I weigh myself and how often? Is there a certain kind of scale I should use?
No certain scale is needed, just keep it consistent and don’t compare weights from scale to scale. Stay consistent and weigh yourself in the nude. Once you arrive at Cycle 4, weigh in on weekends to keep yourself in line–so you don’t go too crazy with the new-found freedom. In general, weighing yourself every two to three days is fine, but if you want to weigh daily, that’s OK, too. Just know there’s a lot of variation, and don’t be discouraged if day to day doesn’t result in consistent weight loss. Remember to look at the big picture!


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