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An Easy Hack to Track Your Sugar Consumption: Food Journaling

Tracking your sugar consumption can be a tough task. It may feel like sugar is literally in everything, like your coffee, favorite chocolate, smoothies, etc. Your solution MAY be to start food journaling throughout the day. Julia Dellitt, author of GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER(ISH), shares her insight on how you can consume sugar in moderation with this technique. 

You might already be familiar with food journaling, and it’s one of those things people either love or hate—mostly because once you write down what you’re eating, it’s harder to argue against what you see on paper. You might think you’re eating five servings of vegetables per day, only to realize you’re barely making it to two. And when it comes to sugar, again, it sneaks into everything from dessert to chips to salad dressings to condiments to alcohol, so actually tracking the amount of sugar you consume may be a little depressing at first. It’ll also be incredibly eye-opening.

Whether you take a more scientific approach (measure every single gram of sugar you consume, no matter what) or you just generally track your meals and snacks and drinks (noting what probably has extra sugar and what doesn’t), you’ll at least get some insights into your habits and go-to sugar cravings. From there, you can make adjustments or find healthier alternatives. Feel free to use any form of food journal you like; I’ve found a simple piece of paper in a notebook or a Notes app on your phone or computer will do just fine.

Try this:

Keep a food log for seven days and track your added sugar intake. For processed, packaged, and canned foods, you may need to read ingredient labels to see exactly how much sugar is in an item. Things like fruits, vegetables, and grains will vary, so you can look those up online for sugar quantities. Pay attention to differences in your sugar intake while eating at home versus eating out. Do your best to eat as normally as possible throughout the seven days, then review your journal. How much sugar did you consume each day and throughout the entire exercise? Use that knowledge to cut your sugar intake by at least a third, and make adjustments going forward in terms of making healthier decisions.

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Excerpted from Get Your Life Together(ish) by Julia DellittCopyright © 2019 by author. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.


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