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Your Fix: Healthy Eats and Cool Treats for Hot Days

Look no further for easy, low-carb recipes to help you beat the heat this summer! Whether you’re planning to fire up the grill for a Memorial Day weekend cookout or simply looking for seasonal diet-friendly dishes, we’ve got you covered with healthy eats and cool treats for hot days. After all, when you want to squeeze the most sunlight possible out of a day at the beach or an outdoor adventure, you don’t have time to cook elaborate meals. When you feel sweaty even with the air-conditioner on full blast, there’s no way you’re turning on your oven. And when you’re on summer vacation with the kids, delicious snacks you can grab on the run are a must. In all cases, a variety of no-cook meals are here to save the day.

So go on–mix up your usual lunch and dinner fare with some new drinks, entrees, and sweet treats! In the list below, you’ll find 7 inspired ways to eat healthy while staying cool. Help yourself to recipes that require no cooking, like vegetable-rich salads and fruit-filled parfaits. Get recommendations for books that can teach you how to can and preserve produce to last you all year long. Pick up ideas for low-calorie, beach diet-friendly beverages like chilled herbal tea and coconut water. Discover more than 50 recipes perfect for long summer days, including chicken zucchini alfredo and flank steak with watermelon salad. And, of course, don’t forget to indulge in unforgettable desserts like strawberry tarts and blueberry-lavender yogurt pops.

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