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Dreaming of the Perfect Body?

Forget fad diets and plastic surgery, you can get the body you want while sitting on your couch. Here’s how, from How to Rule the World From Your Couch by bestselling author Laura Day.

Reclaiming the Body You Were Meant to Have
This is an exercise in claiming yourself and your life so thoroughly that all areas find a new structure, one that is natural and desired by you. Intuition will allow you to guide yourself to your own unique and appropriate method of living and changing. If your way of conducting your life is no longer getting you the results you want, chances are that you are stuck in an outmoded, defensive style. At some point in your life the defense and the sacrifices you made to maintain it served you, may even have saved your life, but now you have other choices. The first and greatest element in change is choice, and the greatest tool of change is awareness.

Let us begin. You can do this exercise while sitting, while listening to music, or even washing dishes. There is no right way to do this. Right now I want you to experience your body exactly the way you want it to be. Don’t visualize and don’t use an idea of someone else’s body that you admire. Pretend that you are a sculptor, and using the clay of your own body, as you inhabit it, create the body you want. As you do this, use all of your senses as your tools. How does it feel, taste, smell, sound, look to be in your body? What has changed inside of you? How do you feel about yourself and the world around you? You don’t have to focus or make a big process of doing this. Remember, you can be doing something else at the same time.

What will happen is that all of the things in your life — your thoughts, your body, your history, and your patterns that don’t allow you to be in this new body — will come to your awareness. This will not happen all at once, but in layers. Notice these things (you may even want to write them down), and then go back to sculpting. You may even want to take this new body for a test drive, moving around the room in it. You don’t need to block the negative observations or messages about your body that may come up as you do this. Notice them, go back to sculpting, and breathe. You may find that emotions come up for you, or that people or situations come to mind. Bring your focus back to sculpting your body from the inside out. The longer that you can stay with this exercise in attention, the more powerfully you can make a profound change. The interference, the judgment, the despair, and the anger are all part of the process; they are not distractions but instead are all part of changing the pattern of energy that has kept you trapped where you no longer want to be.

Continue to move from your distractions back to your sculpting. The you who you no longer want to be is not the overweight you; there is so much more to it. The weight is just a symptom, and as you continue to sculpt and allow yourself to be aware of the other distracting information, bringing yourself back again and again to the you that you are creating now, you master fully inhabiting the life you want and uncover the skills within you to do so.

Laura Day, author of How to Rule the World From Your Couch (Copyright © 2009 by Laura Day), is the New York Times bestselling author of Practical Intuition and has spent over two decades helping companies as well as individuals use the power of intuition to create their dreams.  Her global clientele includes celebrities, scientists, business executives, and other professionals.   She speaks regularly both here and abroad.





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