Dr. Oz’s Favorite Healthy Foods

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Dr. Oz, Dr. Roizen, weight loss for teens, You(r) Teen: Losing WeightMake it easier on yourself to lose weight: Keep these pre-made foods ready for those times when you’d usually reach for a bag of chips. From You(r) Teen: Losing Weight by Michael F. Roizen, MD and Mehmet C. Oz, MD.

Cut-up vegetables. Your choice. Cut them, bag them, eat them. Nothing wrong with baby carrots, grape tomatoes, and broccoli florets, but if you prefer jicama, sugar snaps, and orange pepper strips, go for them.

Sautéed vegetables. Your choice. Sauté them in olive oil with chopped garlic, red pepper flakes, or a good dash of turmeric. Refrigerate and use for side dishes or hot (microwaved) snacks.

Soups. Make a filling soup once a week and store it in serving-size cups in the refrigerator (see our recipe for a good one). Eat 1 cup as a predinner appetizer to take the edge off your appetite, or have a cup of soup as a snack.

Steel-cut oats. If you’re worried about time, cook up a week’s worth of oats per directions and store in the refrigerator for up to a week. For some people, that might seem as appetizing as a slice of baked wrapping paper, but reheated oats actually taste great.

Emergency foods. Every house needs fire-extinguisher foods—good-for-you foods that will put out three-alarm starvation fires. Our list of foods that you can reach for when you’re hungry include any of the above foods as well as a handful of almonds, peanuts, or walnuts; bags of store-bought, pre-chopped fruits and veggies; dried fruit (apricots, cranberries); and edamame (soybeans—look for microwave bags in the frozen food section). Avoid foods with added sugars. In a real pinch? Pop one of those mint breath strips—they can help turn off appetite by making food less appetizing.

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