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Don’t Let Thanksgiving Derail Your Diet

How to avoid overeating and fatty foods that will derail your diet this Thanksgiving with tips from The 17 Day Diet Workbook by Dr. Mike MorenoIt’s no secret we all love Thanksgiving, from the nostalgic serving dishes to the delicious sides and post-meal football coma. It marks the official kickoff of the holiday season, and with it, the start of a difficult time to stick to your weight loss plan. Here are some simple yet effective tips from The 17 Day Diet Workbook on how to avoid the dreaded holiday bulge.

Eat that bird. Turkey is a great lean protein, so make a balanced plate that makes it the centerpiece and surround it with good fruits and vegetables. Skip the stuffing and make sure your plate is full of healthy sides. That way you won’t feel deprived.

Don’t let yourself graze. It’s hard to sit at the holiday table with an empty plate, but don’t allow yourself to fill up on empty calories. Bring your own healthy snacks to nibble on before the meal to cut down on the temptation to overdo it (or worse, grab seconds).

VIDEO: Dr. Mike Moreno discusses healthy Thanksgiving alternatives

Score some points on the home turf. After you finish Thanksgiving dinner, don’t fall into the sofa cushions and watch the game. Instead, rally your family and friends to head outside and scrimmage in your own Turkey Bowl. This is a great way to beat the post-meal slump, so throw on your sweats and burn off some calories.

Remember, Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends. Spend your time and energy catching up. Help Mom and Dad do the dishes. Get your family to talk a walk around the block between dinner and dessert. Instead of checking out the dessert table, start up a conversation over a nice hot cup of green tea or holiday blend.


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