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DIY Juicing: Get Healthier in 5 Minutes a Day, $20 a Week

JuiceGenerationLeafyGreens_400Juicing isn’t just for celebrities. If you have five minutes a day and $20 a week, you can adopt a healthy green habit. You don’t need to go to an expensive juice bar to start incorporating gem-colored, fresh, rejuvenating smoothies and green drinks into your daily routine. You can save money and do it all at home.

The Juice Generation book, from America’s premier juicery, includes everything you need to start juicing today.

How to Shop for Your Veggies

First, your juicing bounty doesn’t all have to come from farmers’ markets. When it comes to produce, fresh is best, organic is even better, and local and chemical-free is ideal. We can’t wait until the day when every person who wants to can easily and affordably adopt a 100 percent organic kitchen. Until that day comes, here are some ways to find great produce without breaking the bank.

If organic produce at your local farmers’ market is too costly, look for stalls selling locally grown, pesticide-free produce that may not necessarily be certified organic. Ask the vendors how they farm and what kind of sprays and fertilizers are used.

Buy organic for the most pesticide-heavy foods whenever you can. Those include:
—Apples, pears, strawberries, peaches
—Leafy greens, cucumbers, carrots, celery

Be a bargain shopper. If you find a bumper crop of beautiful organic berries, peaches, cherries, or other soft fruits at their seasonally lowest price, stock up and freeze in separate baggies for months of off-season smoothie-making.

Get involved with growing your own. A little digging around may produce surprising resources in your area for helping you to plant an edible garden at home.

Wax on, wax off. At the supermarket, check if conventionally grown apples and cucumbers are coated with wax. These waxes can have pesticides and fungicides added, and don’t tend to rinse off with water. You can peel these things, of course—but then you’re losing valuable nutrients. Nix produce that looks suspiciously shiny.


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