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Conquer Your Food Issues with 7 Simple Eating Guidelines

Follow Geneen Roth's 7 Eating Guidelines: Eat healthy by eating when you are hungry and without distractionsWe all know that many of our food issues stem from emotional ones. In her new, original audio-only program Take Back Your Life, #1 New York Times bestselling author Geneen Roth shares her streamlined 7 Eating Guidelines.

Taken from her popular lectures, the author shares the significant changes–both dietary and spiritual–that can come when you open up and address how food (and your attitude toward it) affects the rest of your life. Maybe it feels like a problem; Roth sees it as an opportunity to view the world in a new way.

Among Roth’s tips are:
–Eat when you’re hungry. (How many of us mindlessly snack at certain times, just out of habit or boredom?
–Eat sitting down in a calm environment.
–Eat without distractions.
This means no TV or computer, which can cause overeating.

Watch the video to see all 7 guidelines:

In Take Back Your Life, Roth introduces the principles of her revolutionary method for understanding our relationship with food, including her 7 Eating Guidelines as well as:
–The Inquiry process, during which we learn how to actually feel our feelings instead of numbing them with food
–Deeply revealing visualizations to help us drop below the continual chatter of our busy minds to a direct experience of presence and clarity

Unavailable in print, Take Back Your Life can serve as both a powerful introduction to Roth’s life-changing ideas or as a practical complement to her bestselling books Women Food and God and Lost and Found.


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