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Blending vs. Juicing: What’s the Difference?

GreenSmoothie_400Discover whether blending your beverage or juicing may be the healthier, lower-maintenance, and cheaper option. From 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse.

Juices and smoothies both have their health benefits, but I feel that in most cases, blending provides a wider range of benefits than juicing. Smoothies have more fiber, fill you up better, and are both less expensive and less time-consuming to make.

Smoothies contain whole foods with loads of fiber. In juicing, the pulp is discarded and you lose essential fiber. The main argument for those who prefer juicing is that the absence of fiber provides easy absorption of nutrients straight into the bloodstream with little digestion required, and this allows the digestive system and body to heal. But fiber is critical for slowing the passage of food through the stomach and it keeps sugars from getting into the bloodstream too quickly. This helps regulate blood sugar and aids in weight control. Consuming greens in your smoothies helps to balance blood sugar, and the high fiber content of greens helps slow carbohydrate digestion.

VerdantVista_400Smoothies are more filling than juices, leaving us full and satisfied and less likely to overeat throughout the day. This is excellent news for those who wish to lose weight. It is very easy to replace a meal with a smoothie, and many do this for breakfast every day.

Smoothies are less expensive because it takes less fruit and vegetables to make a smoothie than it does to make the same size glass of juice. When we drink green smoothies, we are filled up longer so this also prevents us from needing to buy a lot of other food throughout the day.

Blending is faster than juicing and easier to clean up afterwards. To make juice, all the fruit and vegetables must be cut up small enough to fit into the juicer and then processed one piece at a time. To make a smoothie, the fruits and veggies can go into the blender all at once. Additionally, a juicer must be taken apart to be cleaned and then put back together, which requires a lot of time and cleanup. Blenders just require rinsing, with no parts to disassemble.

It’s also easy to add superfoods, like maca or acai berries, to blenders as they will be blended through very evenly.

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