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Bethenny’s Strategy for Stopping a Food-Binge, Mid-Bite!

woman-hamburger_300We’ve all been there: you’ve had a few Girl Scout cookies and know it’s time to put the box away, but you just can’t stop eating! Here’s a clever trick for breaking the spell, from Skinnygirl Solutions.

If you feel you’re about to get derailed and you can’t stop eating something, then move on to a different taste. When you switch the taste, it can interrupt the rampage and make you realize you’ve had enough food. If you can’t stop eating cookies, then have some cheese or chips or something salty to interrupt the sugar bender, and you’ll be more likely to realize you’re actually full. Then you might stop, but just to be sure you don’t drift back to the cookies, keep moving on to something else. Move on. Going back to those cookies ain’t worth it, and you know it.


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