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A Sample Produce-Buying Checklist for the Paleo Diet

Paleofood_400Paleo dieters eat like our hunter-gatherer ancestors–a balance of lean meats, seafood, vegetables, fruits, and some raw nuts. Here’s a checklist of “Paleoista” staples that will keep you fit and feeling fabulous, from Paleoista: Gain Energy, Get Lean, and Feel Fabulous with the Diet You Were Born to Eat.

Here’s a list of the top ten most popular fruits and veggies, as reported by many of my clients, as far as familiarity and accessibility, not in order of nutritional superiority (all veggies are good for you, and the more variety, the better), followed by lists of fats and proteins. You may want to copy the lists and laminate them to use as your go‑to until you have your own system down.

Please note: if you have others that you prefer, please go ahead and stick with those. If you love apples but aren’t crazy about kiwis, do your thing and keep the doctor away with one a day!

1. Apples
2. Bananas
3. Oranges
4. Grapefruits
5. Strawberries
6. Blueberries
7. Raspberries
8. Pears
9. Cherries
10. Plums

1. Spinach
2. Broccoli
3. Mixed green lettuces
4. Cabbages
5. Celery
6. Onions
7. Cucumbers
8. Kale
9. Green (Swiss) chard
10. Collard greens


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