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4 Ways to Make Your Coffee Taste Even Better–Without Sugar!

We all need our fuel of choice in the morning. If your fuel is coffee, chances are you don’t want to start the day with a too-sugary sip. Get rid of those extra calories from flavored syrups, cream and sugar. Drink your coffee black and experience how the brew is supposed to taste. Dr. Oz, author of FOOD CAN FIX ITshares tips on how to make your coffee taste bold and fresh…without adding sugar.



  1. Grinding your own beans won’t change the health benefits, but it may make for a better-tasting cup. The best container for locking in the bean’s flavor is the bean itself.
  2. Keep coffee stored in a vacuum-sealed pouch to minimize exposure to oxygen, which is what degrades the taste. It’ll stay reasonably fresh for about one month after opening. The freezer is fine (if beans are in a zip-top freezer bag, they’ll keep for up to six months), but the fridge is a no-go because moisture can get inside the container.
  3. Brewed coffee is up to 98 percent water, so if your tap water tastes like a steel pipe, so will your coffee. Use bottled or filtered water to improve taste.
  4. Use the industry-standard ratio of 6 ounces of water for every 2 tablespoons of ground coffee.

Rev Your Workout. Drinking a cup of coffee fifteen to sixty minutes pregym can make your workout feel easier, research has found. It can also slightly increase performance.

Here are more tips from Dr. Oz to step up your brew game.

Excerpted from Food Can Fix It by Dr. Oz. Copyright © 2018 Scribner, a division of Simon and Schuster. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.



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