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4 Reasons to Swear Off Soda Forever (VIDEO)

sodaWe all know how bad soda is for us, but do we need to swear it off entirely? Maybe not, but making the switch to water and unsweetened soft drinks will have a dramatic impact on your health and appearance. Here are four reasons to give up sugar for good, from 4 Minute Fit: The Metabolism Accelerator for the Time-Crunched, Deskbound, and Stressed Out.

You’ll drop pounds. One study followed 200,000 people over twenty years and found that those who drank just one more sugary drink per day weighed an average of five pounds more than those who did not.

You’ll protect your family. Here’s a reason not to make soda drinking a habit: for each 12-ounce sweetened beverage a child consumes per day, his or her risk of becoming obese over the next eighteen months increases by 60 percent, according to a study in The Lancet.

You’ll reduce your diabetes risk. People who consume just one or two sugary drinks a day have a 26 percent greater risk of diabetes than those who don’t, according to a Diabetes Care study.

You’ll help strengthen your heart. A study that followed 40,000 men for twenty years found that those who drank just one can of a sugary beverage a day had a 20 percent higher risk of dying from heart attack than those who drank none. (I should add that this includes diet soda, which, studies reveal, more people drink at work than regular soda. Yes, you’re saving yourself the 140 calories. But the artificial sweetener triggers insulin, which can set your body into fat storage mode and lead to weight gain.)

Cut out the soda. There are plenty of other ways to hydrate and we’re huge fans of water. Why? Because of these 4 ways that water improves health.


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