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17 Day Diet Tips for Surviving Frightful Halloween Sweets

Dieters, beware of Halloween candy and other fall sweets sabotaging your diet--use these tips from the 17 Day Diet Workbook to avoid Halloween weight gainAs you’ve probably seen from bulging shelves at your local supermarket, Halloween is frightfully close—and for the diet-conscious, it becomes second only to the holiday season in terms of testing one’s willpower. The endless gobs of candy and heavily scented fall treats (hello, apple cider doughnuts?) are truly the wolf in sheep’s expandable clothing. Here are a few tricks from the 17 Day Diet Workbook by Dr. Mike Moreno to help you stay strong and achieve the ultimate treat: Your goal weight.

Buy your candy at the last minute. That way it won’t be in the house tempting you two weeks prior to the day trick-or-treaters arrive on your doorstep. It’s no bargain to buy the big discount bag if you are the only one who eats it.

VIDEO: Dr. Mike says to “use discipline” to fight Halloween binging

Sit down and eat a good meal with lots of fiber and protein. This holiday season standard rule applies here, too. Don’t forget to fuel up on healthy foods and drink your green tea before the Halloween festivities. That way you will be satisfied and less likely to snack.

Get out with the ghouls and Gagas. No matter what 17 Day Diet cycle you are on, make sure you’re the one walking your trick-or-treaters around the neighborhood and not the one stuck at home giving the candy out. This will keep you active in fresh air—far away from the candy bowl.

If you are tempted by a fat-free treat, read the ingredients carefully. Fat-free isn’t always a healthy choice. When fat is removed, sugar is often added and the result is a food that is high in calories and low in nutrients.

When the festivities are over, put all your leftover treats in a bag and give them away—immediately. If dangerous goodies are in the house, you will have a struggle on your hands. If you remove the loaded weapon, nobody’s waistline will get hurt.

Don’t tell yourself you can’t have candy. Tell yourself you don’t want candy. There’s a big difference: Psychologically it’s much easier if you’re making a conscious choice not to eat sweets and less likely to feel deprived.

If you do indulge, don’t beat yourself up. Just get up tomorrow and get right back into your 17 Day Diet cycle.

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