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17 Day Diet Hydration Tips: What You Need to Drink, When, and Why

17 Day Diet author Dr. Mike Moreno shares why drinking water and green tea are key to staying hydrated and maximizing your weight lossBy Dr. Mike Moreno
Author of The 17 Day Diet Cookbook

Are you on the 17 Day Diet and struggling with abstaining from alcohol or just experiencing difficulty with getting in your daily green tea and water? Here are my personal answers to your questions about staying properly hydrated, and why it’s so key to your weight-loss success.

I don’t like green tea. Is it really important that I drink it? Can I substitute black tea or coffee?
Green tea contains certain natural chemicals called catechins that increase fat-burning and stimulate the calorie-burning process, which occurs as a result of digesting and metabolizing food. Research shows that green tea also helps with detoxifying your system, something that’s really important when you diet.

Coffee and tea do have some antioxidants and the caffeine in both can jump-start your metabolism, but one to two cups a day is the ideal. Too much coffee or tea can result in elevated blood pressure, and the tannins may decrease your ability to absorb iron. If you can’t drink as much green tea as the diet recommends, you can have a coffee or black tea for one of your servings. However, your results may not be as great as they would be with green tea.

I can’t drink this many fluids. Can I consider the tea and coffee I drink part of my water intake?
Neither green, black, and herbal tea, nor coffee count toward your daily water intake.

You need to drink 8 8 oz. glasses of water a day. Water fills you up.

But more importantly, water helps your body function properly. When kidneys aren’t operating at full function some of their work is taken on by the liver. If the liver is working overtime to cover for the kidneys, it can’t metabolize stored fat into useable energy, meaning your weight loss stops.

Don’t worry about water weight or fluid retention: Drinking enough water actually helps your body release fluid. Water also flushes out the toxins and waste that weight loss creates.

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