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17 Day Diet: Fall into Good Eating Habits

The 17 Day Diet recommends doing 17 minutes of exercise a day at home with a yoga mat dumbbells or DVDSchool is back in session and with it comes the everyday rush of getting lunches packed, backpacks ready, and everyone out the door on time. It’s easy amid this stress to let your diet slip. But the good news is that it takes only a small amount of time and planning to stay focused on your weight loss goal. Try these simple tips from The 17 Day Diet Workbook by Dr. Mike Moreno to keep you on track.

Before you do your weekly grocery shopping, plan out your 17 Day Diet meals for the week. Stick your plan on the fridge so that each morning while you’re packing your kids’ lunch you can pack your own, too.

Chop up a batch of cleansing vegetables every night and put them in the fridge. That way you’ll always have a quick, healthy snack available as soon as you go in the kitchen to graze. If you do this every day, it won’t take you long to get in the habit of munching a crunchy, cut-up pepper instead of a potato chip.

Don’t let stress prevent you from exercising. Working out can help you reduce stress—the more you move, the better you’ll feel! You only need to commit to exercising 17 minutes a day. Don’t think of it as “work”: Think of it as a gift you give yourself daily. It’s your time.

Make your 17 minutes of exercise part of your daily routine. No need for a trip to the gym. Take a brisk walk at lunch, run up and down your stairs at home, park your car before your destination and walk the extra distance—or hop on your bike to run errands. Put in your earbuds and dance to your favorite songs, or get an exercise ball and do some sit-ups or planks while you watch TV. Live a fit life, and you’ll be fit!

See the 17 Day Diet Workout:

Exercise in the morning. It’ll give you an immediate boost to your energy and focus that will help with the morning rush; people who get up and exercise first thing tend to stay with programs longer. Plus, it’ll be one more thing you can check off your to-do list. Not a morning person? No matter when you choose to do it, make your workout a priority, not something that can be canceled or rescheduled.

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