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10 Benefits of a Dairy-Free Diet

10 benefits of going vegan and dairy free from the MILF DietIn addition to losing weight, there are some surprising health advantages to eliminating dairy from your diet. Learn more from Jessica Porter, author of The MILF Diet: Let the Power of Whole Foods Transform Your Body, Mind, and Spirit, Deliciously.

What You May Experience

• If you’ve struggled with respiratory issues like allergies or sinus problems, they will lessen relatively quickly. Dairy has pressed the “on” button on all your respiratory issues, and now that it’s off, your body can go into healing mode.

• Within a few days, you may start coughing up some phlegm. Consider it a good and healthy sign to hack up nasty stuff in the shower. That’s your body healing itself.

What to Look Forward To

• Now that you’re dairy-free, stubborn pounds should begin to disappear. If you’re chewing your food well and eating lots of grains and vegetables, you should actually feel like quite a new person in your body. Enjoy. You’ve earned it.

• Dairy food has compromised your taste buds. If you’ve had a white coating on your tongue up until this point, that’s dairy. As it lessens (and it might take a few months), you will find that you are tasting food more clearly and enjoying natural food with a new and deeper appreciation.

• In fact, after a while off dairy, the whole world of your senses will sharpen and become more acute. You’re coming out of a sort of cocoon designed for a baby, and you’re emerging as an adult. Literally. Remember, dairy is baby food and it keeps us soothed and dependent and protected. When you are thrust into the light of a dairy-free day, it may feel as if you’re experiencing things at a whole new level of clarity.

• Your mind will be clearer. Don’t go looking for this in a nutrition book, but dairy can lead to cloudy, fuzzy thinking. It is not brain food, in terms of cognition. We are not asking babies to do math. So now that you’re dairy-free, it might feel as though you have a whole new brain.

• You will feel quicker in your body. Dairy contains a lot of saturated fat, so it has a certain sludginess. Without it, you will feel you can move and respond to your life with more accuracy and speed.

• You will feel sexier. Dairy insulates us from things . . . our own emotions and sensations in our own bodies. By going dairy-free, you are waking up to a new level of sensuality.

• After a while, you should feel a natural revulsion to dairy food. When I see cheese now, my body recoils a little, from both its smell and its oily density. This is natural. Little kids eventually wean themselves off the breast if mom doesn’t prompt it. We are meant to get over baby food. Rejoice when this happens.

• And finally, remember: By cutting out dairy, you have significantly decreased your likelihood of developing osteoporosis, allergies, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, and many types of cancer, especially breast cancer.

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