Fill Your Fall Closet for Less at Recession-Friendly Retailers

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How to shop recession friendly clothing like Target's line with designer MissoniBy Deborah Goldstein
Fall fashion hunting on a budget? Join the club: Iconic Italian fashion house Missoni launched a budget-friendly line for Target today—promptly crashing the retailer’s website for the majority of the day (we don’t even want to think about what the store shelves look like). Judging by the buzz the zig-zagging collection has garnered, it’s going to be an even bigger smash than past lines from Rodarte and Jean Paul Gautier (which reportedly sold out the day it arrived in stores). Even celebs like Jessica Alba and Jessica Simpson, who could actually afford a $200 Missoni Infinity scarf instead of the $25 Target version, have been publicly salivating over the collection.

What gives? For starters, there’s no mistaking that famous zig-zag pattern—and even if a multi-hued dress comprised entirely of zig-zags is too loud for you (or too evil to your hips and rear), the 400-piece collection also offers accessories (think super-cute flats, leggings, bags), men’s and children’s wear, and unexpected items, like luggage and even an adorable multi-hued bicycle.

But also, in a world of extreme-couponers, Groupons, and Suze Orman fanatics, cheap-chic is very much on trend. Everyone loves a good deal—especially during the threat of a double-dip recession. In fact, trendy, affordable Spanish retailer Zara just launched an online shop this month for its U.S. customers, and the Swedish-based H&M (who previously boasted lines by Stella McCartney, Madonna, and Karl Lagerfeld) tweeted that they’ve “decided to have online shopping in the U.S. at the turn of the year 2011/2012!”

Besides shopping at discount chains, how else can you stretch your fashion budget? Alice Wood, author of Wealth Watchers: A Simple Program to Help You Spend Less and Save More, shares this money-saving style tip she borrowed from expert Loretta Wilger-Asmus, owner of Looks Image Consulting:

“Her advice is: know your colors. Everyone has certain colors that fit their hair color or skin tone. Buy clothes in these colors and make sure they work together so you can have just a few pieces to wear in different combinations. Her other advice is to always buy quality items, which last longer, preferably on sale. Loretta ‘s exception to this rule is that you don ‘t have to worry too much about quality if you ‘re buying trendy items that will go out of style too fast for you to wear them out.”

In other words, take thee to Target (or hop on while it’s bandaged up and offering wares) before Missoni is just a memory.

Photo courtesy of Target


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