How to Dice an Onion Properly

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how to dice an onion properly by Carla Hall, author of Cooking with LoveAre you struggling to slice an onion without knicking your fingers? While it may seem fairly simple, many of us are doing it the wrong way. Here is an efficient, safe way to dice an onion like a pro, using an easy tip from Carla Hall, author of Cooking with Love.

To dice an onion, trim off the top but keep the root end on. Cut the onion in half through the root end. Place one half flat on a cutting board and use your noncutting hand to hold both sides of the onion halfway between the trimmed side and root end. (You do need to have hands big enough to reach around the onion to do this.)

Slice into the onion, cutting from the trimmed top to the root end but not slicing through the root end. Turn the onion 90 degrees, hold it together again, and cut across the slices to form small dice.

VIDEO: Carla’s Great Onion Rings

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