Celebs’ Worst Vacations Ever

0 Comments 28 April 2014

With summer vacations around the corner, a reminder that things can go terribly, horribly wrong. It happens even to the wealthy and famous, who aren't immune to food poisoning, sea urchin stings or lousy weather.

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casual date

How to Get the Guy after a Casual Non-Date

0 Comments 24 April 2014

Have you been eyeing a cute teammate from your co-ed soccer league? Or you went to a Game of Thrones viewing party, and thought there was somewhat of a connection? Here's a subtle way to see if he's as into you as you are to him, from The Gaggle: How to Find Love in a Post-Dating World.

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Self Help

View from a Broad: Bette Midler’s Wild Years

0 Comments 23 April 2014

Long, long ago, around 1980, through a veil of hot, briny tears, I seem to recall that I toured the world with my show, for the first time, and lived to tell. The book that resulted from it was the "confection" that came out of that tour. I was thirty-five years old, cute as a button and excited beyond belief. I was going to see the world, and the world was going to see me. "I knew so little of the world: Slander, not geography, had always been my strong suit"… and there was more than a grain of truth in that. I was clueless. My international travel was limited to an earlier trip to Paris, where I was surrounded by schoolchildren who made fun of my shoes.

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Money & Career

how to organize your priorities

There Can Only Be One No. 1: The Best-Kept Secret about Priorities

0 Comments 16 April 2014

When the word "priority" came into the English language in the 1400s, it only existed in the singular form. It meant the very first or prior thing. It stayed singular for the next five hundred years. Only in the 1900s did we pluralize the term and start talking about "priorities." Illogically, we reasoned that by changing the word we could bend reality. Somehow we thought that by pluralizing the word we would now be able to have multiple "first" things.

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