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Meditation for Newbies, Step by Step

0 Comments 5 May 2014

Here are simple, guided instructions for the practice of vipassana meditation, a tried and true way to anchor your attention in the present moment, helping you let go of unnecessary worries, fears, and frustrations. From Indie Spiritualist.

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teaching your kid manners

I’m My Kids’ Verbal Punching Bag, and That’s OK

3 Comments 5 May 2014

At home my kids can challenge me; they can call me an a-hole. They can argue their case for watching Glee or Family Guy before they start their homework or extra math. But when we are out and about–that's an entirely different story. From Parentology.

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Great Ugly-Pretty Shoes You Might Already Own

1 Comment 29 April 2014

Unless you've been living off the grid, you've probably seen the ugly shoe trend stomping up a storm this spring. From clunky white Nurse-Ratched-style loafers to impossibly high platforms, clodhoppers have been popping up on street style blogs, fashion magazines, and trickling into mainstream stores.

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Celebs’ Worst Vacations Ever

0 Comments 28 April 2014

With summer vacations around the corner, a reminder that things can go terribly, horribly wrong. It happens even to the wealthy and famous, who aren't immune to food poisoning, sea urchin stings or lousy weather.

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