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How to Make a Man Want You Using The 30-Day Rule

2 Comments 11 July 2012

Dating_PlayeratBar_400Weird science: If you want to build a relationship with your guy, clinical evidence says you should consider applying the “The 30-day Rule.” From Death of the Cheating Man: What Every Woman Must Know about Men Who Stray.

Popular belief is that women are more emotionally attached to sex than men are. Not true; men can be as emotionally attached to sex when a woman gives it to us at the right time.

For most men, that time is during the first thirty days of getting to know a woman. That’s when a woman has our full attention, interest and testosterone riled up. When sex is mixed in at the right time, it forms a chemical charge inside of a man that causes a reaction with our dopamine.

During my research for this book, I learned about dopamine from a well-respected clinical psychologist. Dopamine is a natural drug of sorts that we humans have. It’s some serious stuff! Some doctors refer to it as the “pleasure potion.” In fact, it’s so lethal that it’s the chemical that the drug cocaine affects in the human body. Both women and men have it, but males are said to have about 500 percent more of it than women, and it is the signal that tells us we are experiencing extreme pleasure.

When a man’s head and body are aligned in pleasure, he tells himself that if he continues to be with the woman that he’s experiencing the feeling with, then he will be able to continue to feel elation if he stays with her. Ever wonder why some women always get a good-looking or successful man, even though they may not look like they would be able to? It’s because she doped him up! That means she gave him the nookie at the right time and got his dopamine jumping.

Here’s the key part to the rule. If a man gets it too soon, then he tells himself the woman is easy and she probably gives her nookie the same way to any man. That cheapens the experience for a man and consequently, we don’t feel special.

Understand this point: men need to feel special. We want to feel like whatever a woman is doing, she’s doing because of us—not because she is easy to any man that gives her the right attention.

Usually, if two people are dating regularly, somewhere around the third or fourth date is the perfect time to catch a man at his most vulnerable state of mind. It’s usually the time where we are equally invested into getting the woman and getting the nookie. So, if two people are dating about once a week, which in my opinion, is the minimum time that a man should be putting in if he’s really trying to get to know a woman, then within a month’s time, they should be getting together for the third or fourth date and that’s when the connection is most powerful.

Don’t believe me? Well, a recent survey showed that most couples that got married within the first three years of their relationship had sex within the first thirty days. That’s proof that if you wanna lock a man down—knock a man down by the end of thirty days!

Death of the Cheating Man: What Every Woman Must Know about Men Who Stray

Death of the Cheating Man: What Every Woman Must Know about Men Who Stray

Maxwell Billieon and Ray J

Native Californian Maxwell Billieon is a true renaissance man. A former star-making development executive, generating more than $100 million in global sales, Billieon is now the CEO of The Billieon Group (TBG), which develops high-end luxury lifestyle goods sold worldwide. As the premier boisterous expert on the subject of infidelity, Billieon has become a consultant to the U.S. military on soldier relationships and his “Six Virtues of the New Man” have led countless men and women to having monogamy-capable relationships. Billieon lives in Los Angeles, California.

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  • maria


    Hi my name is Maria. I’ve been with my bf for almost 6 yrs. We live together. I didn’t sleep with him the first month but I’m worried were past the honeymoon phase in our relationship. I’m trying to get him more interested in me and to feel more emotionally connected to me. I find that he talks to other girls online, I think just normal conversation with a girl his friend dated & I get so insecure & he knows it. I’m beginning to think he starts conversations with other women because that way he can feel more emotional connection & maybe because he finds the physically attractive, I want us to grow closer emotionally so I don’t lose him, he won’t delete them from fb if I ask, I think all I have to do is talk to him in order to make us more emotionally connected am I right? Then he might stop having conversations with other girls. I don’t want to sound like I don’t trust him or insecure, he’s already caught onto that and might keep doing it anyways. How can I get his full attention emotionally on me & only me?

  • MyLovelyTy

    Well honestly hun, you need to breath and let it go. The more you invest your time and energy worrying about those women that he is speaking with, the more that your love will soon to stray away.
    Your imagination is your biggest enemy, and trust me, I have been there and lost the one that I love. I placed myself into complete depression including himself, yet he was not doing anything wrong (There were other reasons the made the relationship sour). My insecurities brought unpleasant and un-welcomed conversations.
    What I advise you to do, is focus on yourself, and love yourself fist. Be the best part of you, and shine your happiness. What we sometimes forget, is when in relationships, we tend to forget to please ourselves just as well as our partners. Yet we tend to focus our entire being on our partners, and not ourselves.
    When you are doing your own thing, involve them, and show them your love. Celebrate the time when its “nookie” time. Reward him with the attention he has given you, and show him what kind of goddess that you are.
    If you suspect that he’s cheating or seeking for outside attention, have a conversation on it. Communication is a huge key, yet how you present it matters the most. Stay positive, and seek for clarification, not accusations. Work together to improve the relationship and not alone. Set-up goals together, to give one-another a drive in pleasing each other.
    When you are around happy people, you also want to be happy.
    Your jealousy is your own weakness, if he is up to no good. That your decision to finally make.
    It is not you who caused him to cheat or to become un-trust worthy. Its his own will to make such decisions. If he has no loyalty for you and no self control of his own desires. That will be your decision to make,” If this is the person for you”.
    FACT: If you accept those actions, you must accept and finalize your decision. You may not bring it up, as it is now well in the past, and work with the present and tomorrow. If those acts repeat, you only know where your limits and values are at. You are left to live the with your choices that you may make.


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