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Online Dating 101: How to Meet Men

4 Comments 09 May 2011

First dateBlind dates are hard enough, but looking for love via an online dating service can be doubly stressful. From worrying about what your profile says about you, to whether it’s currently collecting cobwebs or attracting all the wrong types, keeping these basics in mind will keep you on the right side of the online dating fence.

Getting Started
Follow these rules for a successful match — and knowing who to avoid:
10 Online Dating Rules for Women (The Rules for Online Dating)

Online Dating — 7 Signs You Shouldn’t Date Him (Your Tango)

Save Time: Go Profile-Less (InBox Cupid)

Stop the Insanity
Follow this email exchange to learn how quickly things can go wrong online. (Hint: Four emails is a significant place to assess the situation.)
Do’s and Don’ts of Online Dating (Tips on Life & Love)

How to Meet Men if You Are over 35 and Divorced (Huffington Post)

“It’s hard to flirt via email because flirting is so much about physical attraction and eye contact,” one reader complained to the Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus website.
Online Dating Obstacles (Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus)

Eager to learn more? Read an excerpt from The Rules of Online Dating.

Tell us: Do you have an online dating profile?

The Rules for Online Dating

The Rules for Online Dating

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  • deeone

    Theses are good for ladies, but can we have one for men

  • kojala

    Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll have someone weigh in from the guys’ side.

  • Wink2Date

    Just go for it, there’s no time like now people worry too much and hold back :/

  • Q

    You gals want to meet men online? Start by replying to the messages you get. I’ve sent out hundreds, with not a single reply, indicating the dating sites are all fakes anyway.


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