Sweet Tooth on a Diet? Try These No-Cheat 17 Day Diet Dessert Recipes

Dr. Mike Moreno is a graduate of the University of California at Irvine and Hahnemann Medical School. Following his residency at Kaiser Permanente in Fontana, California, Dr. Mike moved to San Diego, where he now practices family medicine and serves on the board of the San Diego Chapter of the American Academy of Family Physicians.

If you ruined your diet by eating too much chocolate on Valentine's Day, 17 Day Diet author Dr. Mike Moreno has diet-friendly dessert recipes that will get you back on track and satisfy your sweet toothSo it was Valentine’s Day and we all indulged in a little too much chocolate. Some days sticking to your diet is harder than you want it to be. You might decide it’s OK to indulge because you have a special occasion. It happens.

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The FastDiet Cookbook

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But when you play hooky from your healthy diet, make sure you admit to yourself it was just that—a special occasion—and then get right back on your plan. Even if you are on Cycle 1, Day 1 of the 17 Day Diet and you didn’t stick to your plan 100 percent, you don’t need to repeat Day 1. Move on to Day 2 and acknowledge all the great work you’ve done so far.

VIDEO: Dr. Mike Moreno on Valentine’s Day Diet Disasters

As you stay on the plan, ramp up exercise, and lose weight you’ll notice your cravings for bad food will start to fade. A great way to nip any lingering ones is to make sure you have on hand foods that are good for you and fill you up. If you’re crazy for chocolate, try this Mexican Chocolate Pudding recipe from the new 17 Day Diet Cookbook. You can make a batch and bring a cup with you to work. If you know it’s there, it’s easier to avoid the vending machine.

On the tart end of the sweet spectrum, Dr. Mike’s Green Tea-Spiked Applesauce recipe is a double whammy of good: Containing both green tea and apples, this tasty dish will help rev up your metabolism and make you feel full longer.

Good luck!

Our 20 Favorite 17 Day Diet Recipes

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