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4 Best Spring Cleaning Books for a Fresh Start

0 Comments 8 April 2015

Spring cleaning often arrives in the form of an annual and unwelcome guilt trip. As in, right about now, somewhere between spring break and the point where your desire to buy spring clothes becomes insatiable.

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How to Wear Vegan, Compassionate Fashion from Head to Toe

0 Comments 7 April 2015

The fashion industry has always been in the crosshairs of animal rights organizations—and as we can see from many of the furry Fall 2015 collections, cruelty-free clothing is not exactly trending. Most of us are unaware of the origins of our outfits—whether it is unsafe factories or traumatic treatment of animals to make our clothes, we’re so removed from the process it's easy to turn a blind eye.

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How to Get Your Children to Meditate

0 Comments 7 April 2015

I was talking to my younger sister on the phone recently and she said that she thought raising happy children boils down to three things: sharing meals, playing, and meditating with them.

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What to Do When Money Becomes a Rift in Your Relationship

0 Comments 6 April 2015

Even if you feel money isn't an issue in your relationship, one day it could be. What happens when the breadwinner loses his or her job? What if one person suddenly makes more than the other? From I Suck at Relationships So You Don't Have To.

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