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The Will to Live: Best Survival Memoirs

0 Comments 11 July 2014

Summer is undeniably a season for exploration and reflection. Few things ignite the spark to get out of our comfort zone or to move past hurdles than experiencing the real-life stories of others who've overcome unforeseen adversity to reach new personal heights. Inspiration abounds through these reads, from the coming-of-age-amid-turmoil story in A House in the Sky to the story of a soldier who refused to surrender to wartime horror in Unbroken.

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A spritual encounter with a loved one.

Can You Have a Profound Spiritual Encounter with a Dead Loved One?

0 Comments 7 July 2014

My elderly father died in the middle of the night, and I learned the next day from a phone call. But my sister, Katherine, who was suffering from a spread of metastatic breast cancer at the time, received her message differently. From Opening Heaven's Door.

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Say No to Video Games.

Why I Said No to TV and Video Games for My Kids

5 Comments 7 July 2014

One thing I said “no” to a lot when my kids were little? Too much TV. Hey, I know I make my living from TV, but in general I didn't like them watching it all the time. From Big Daddy's Rules: Raising Daughters is Tougher Than I Look.

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Deliver Us from Evil movie Eric Bana

Hot Summer Movies Based on Great Books

1 Comment 3 July 2014

Several movies hitting theaters this summer are based on terrific books, including spy thrillers, YA bestsellers, and biographies. Get a head start on the theater crowd with this intriguing, vacation-ready reading list.

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