Were Your Parents Prudes? How It May Still Affect You

0 Comments 20 February 2015

Disgust can function as a social emotion–that is, we learn what is "disgusting" (including our own bodies and sex-related things) by reading the responses of people around us. The good news: You can choose to let go of learned sexual turn-offs. From Come As You Are: The Surprising New Science That Will Transform Your Sex Life.

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Self Help

Why Feminism Is Still a Dirty Word

1 Comment 20 February 2015

Why does the radical, bra-burning, male-hating stereotype of feminism still persist? From Brave Girls.

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kids snacks

How to Put an End to Your Child’s Constant Snacking

0 Comments 19 February 2015

It's not only unnecessary for them, but it's exhausting for you to keep snacks at the ready in the car, in the stroller, and everywhere in between! Within reason, it's OK to expect them to wait for food and not get a snack every time they want one. From Keep Calm and Parent On.

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5 Important Rituals for Love

1 Comment 12 February 2015

So, you're in love and it's wonderful. Now what? What do you do to keep the romance alive? It's not uncommon for us to meet that special someone, fall in love, and then get too comfortable. If you want a love that endures and can stand the test of time, you need some rituals. Here are my favorites.

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